One of the most successful applications of laser is permanent depilation.

However, it is not possible for all hairs to absorb the laser beam simultaneously and transfer it to their roots at the same level due to the fact that the hair, like all other cells of human body, are involved in a physical cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a few sessions to remove body hair by means of laser depilation.
Body hair live through the stages of growth, rest and fall. If laser epilation is applied when they are in the growth stage, they can be permanently removed in a single session. Therefore, laser depilation sessions should be held at one or two month intervals. If laser epilation is applied when the hair are at a stage other than the growth stage, they will be kind of fumigated and the laser beam will not reach the roots. Regular treatment will assure you that laser depilation is the most successful method of hair removal.

Number and interval of laser depilation sessions depend on the location of hair and individual genetic characteristics; in general it takes 3 to 8 sessions at 1 or 2 month intervals. When hairs grow 0.5 cm high, a session should be held to prevent them from growing longer, provided that at least one month should have passed since the last session.

Laser epilation can be applied on all people, having a proper type of body hair, having a distinctive difference between the colors of body hair and skin, and being not sensitive to light.
Laser beam is not harmful in any way, is directed at body hairs, and does not damage the surrounding tissues. The worst possible side effect of laser depilation is non-permanent stains, which can be treated.
Individuals undergoing laser depilation must not remove their body hairs by using tweezers or a thread; otherwise the roots of the body hairs get thin, and sensitivity of the hairs to laser decreases. Furthermore, no laser depilation session should be held within 48 to 72 hours following a sunbath or solarium, and neither solarium nor sunbath should be taken for a few weeks following such session.

Laser depilation process warms the roots of body hairs to remove them. It is of utmost importance to protect the skin during the said warming process. In order to prevent the upper layer of skin from being damaged, cooling devices or gases are applied on the skin before the session. The fact that modern laser depilation systems contain cooling devices is a major advantage that distinguishes them from other hair removal methods.

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