Cellulitis and localized fat treatment


RayLife is a technological platform that guarantees absolute efficacy in the fields of body beautification through painlessly removing localized fat.

The acoustic wave system that is embodied in the Raylife platform consists the cutting edge  of the know how in the field. This was developed by the Asclepion Laser Technologies a company with more than 30 years in the world of Medical technology.

Discover how Raylife acoustic waves work

To address the cellulitis successfully we used the shock waves. The method allows to effectively eliminate the manifestations of all types of cellulite through the direct impact on the fibrous tissue.
Acoustic shock wave has a positive effect on the subcutaneous fat layer, normalizes the structure of connective-tissue stroma of subcutaneous fat, stimulating the ongoing improvement of microcirculation and metabolism in tissues, the lymphatic drainage system, increasing firmness and elasticity of the skin, decreasing the volume, achieving an overall decrease in body weight.

Shock wave therapy is effective in the following cases:

Pathological changes in subcutaneous adipose tissue in cellulite / fat edema
Fibrous changes in the tissues
Improvement of wound healing after liposuction

Advantages of the method of shock wave therapy:

The method of physiologically safe.
Effective therapy of any stage of cellulite.
Gets lost skin tone and elasticity without surgical intervention.
No stitches, bruises, swelling, redness.
No need to interrupt an active lifestyle.
No rehabilitation.
The procedure is absolutely painless.
Persistent & prolonged effect up to a year 
No contraindications to tan immediately after the procedure.

The  therapy appears to work gradually and its outcome becomes evident after the first 2-3 procedures.
The effect of the distance of the course remains up to a year.

Raylife identifies the various treatments depending on the body area (face, stomach, buttocks, legs), thus enabling intervention on one area or on various specific areas with different treatment combinations.