Body, as well as face, Thermage treatment is based on a unique radiofrequency technology that transmits heat to the deeper skin layers to renew and tighten existing collagen and activate the production of new collagen.

Thermage is a monotherapy (single agent therapy) suitable for all seasons irrespective of skin colour and sun exposure.
You may resume your routine activities directly after the treatment. Improvements are directly visible although the final result appears six months after the treatment.

Knees, legs, arms and hands are the first to be affected by the signs of aging. Thermage has developed specialized treatments to help smoothening and tightening wrinkled, creased and relaxed skin of these areas. Many women would like to get rid of unwanted skin relaxation caused by pregnancy or weight loss. Body Thermage smoothens and tightens the skin, thus improving the shape of the arms, thighs, buttocks, waist and belly.

Thermage treatments are performed by specially trained physicians in our practice.