Hyalouronic acid is a natural substance in our body that helps our skin look better  by attracting and retaining water, making it appear more youthful and enhancing its elasticity.
It has only recently been made possible to produce a form of hyalouronic acid concentrated and dense enough to address the loss of facial volume, that comes with age or extreme loss of weight. It is called Voluma and can be applied in the face, in the chic area, the zygomatic area or the jawline. The same safety that applies with all softer forms of hyalouronic acid applies here as well and it is even FDA approved.

Voluma has an inherent ability that is attributed to the hyalouronic acid it contains to be immediately identified by the human body as a normal substance of our body causing absolutely no allergic reaction or any form of irritation to the skin. Moreover it has the ability to correct within minutes the volume of any and each aesthetic unit of the face in a very natural way. The difference between Voluma  and the other fillers is that Voluma due to its more dense form can correct to a greater extent the volume lost because of the tissue shift that age produces.

Voluma can be applied to all people regardless of age or skin conditions because it is dispersed to a deeper plane than other fillers, just underneath the skin and adipose tissue. The application is done in the office and lasts not more than 10 to 15 minutes. The results are visible immediately and one can not help but notice that the changes to the facial contour and overall symmetry are nothing short but astonishing. The results are long lasting because Voluma can take up to 18 months to get absorbed by the body, much longer compared to other fillers.