The Environ Medical ROLL-CIT was developed by the widely known and respected Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Des Fernandes and is based in a revolutionary anti-aging treatment through natural processes. Micro needling is a treatment that is applicable as an office treatment by a licensed medical doctor, and aims in stimulating and enhancing the natural skin healing ability and the growth factor production.


The treatment requires local anaesthesia and can be summarized altogether in the creation of micro punctures on the blood vessels of the superficial layers of the skin. Through these small holes platelets escape and migrate in the surrounding tissue. The motivation of the natural process of skin repair, growth factor production, collagen regeneration and elastin fiber enhancement achieve a more youthful total appearance that is both impressive and long lasting.


Acne scarring reduction

Superficial wrinkle elimination and deep wrinkle improvement

The skin is hydrated and its elasticity is greatly improved

Any resilient discoloration is blended out


Natural method that incorporates our innate healing mechanisms

No downtime

Excellent  ratio of result compared to treatment cost

This treatment has no skin tone dependency and can be applied even on severely photoaged skin

No scarring or skin irritation

Optimum results require multiple treatments

The skin does not become photosensitive compared to most other rival treatments

The treatment covers both face and body
In addition to this treatment with the Ionzyme DF Machine and the use of the Cosmetic Roll-kit device a more enhanced result requires the use of skin care products with high concentrations of vitamins A,C and anti-oxidants.