Mechanical Peeling with Microcrystals is a device that rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen through mechanical peeling of the outer layers of the epidermis.
It acts in a dual way, both mechanically and thermally, energizing the fibroblasts and also uses vacuum to cause functional hyperemia locally. The device also removes all dead cells through its suction inlet.

It operates with a strong double pump of void and pressure. It is the only machine that has a quadriple action:

Thermic stimulation (for collagen production)
Strong mechanic stimulation
Cause Hyperaemia (reforming - oxygenation) and
Dead cell removal (mechanical peeling).

The use of ecopel gives the same results without any of the above side-effects, namely without the home stay and the intense rash.

Microscopic Aluminum Oxide Crystals are projected-through a special head- to the epidermis and almost simultaneously, they are sucked from the same head.

While they keep contact with the epidermis, the microcrystals take away with them and remove ceratinized cells, filth, smegma and make-up residues, leaving the skin clean and mildly peeled.

MICRODERMABRASION - ECOPEEL application helps also the skin produce collagen and elastin, which enable it to self-reproduce. This is achieved because the microcrystalls are preheated before being applied to the skin and when they reach the skin, the crystals raise the skin's temperature at 60-62 degrees aprox. That is the thermal point which stimulates the collagen production (nearly the same action as the Non-Ablative Laser).

The skin at younger ages has inner natural mechanisms to keep itself healthy. The aging, sun, environment, nutrition, even make-up though, hinder or revert the skin's functions, making a dull, dry and aged appearance (Aging - Photo-aging).

The MICRODERMABRASION - ECOPEEL method, with the combination of sucking-thermal action and kinetic energy succeds in a total and deep reforming of the functions and structures of the skin.
Clinical results have shown:
A remarkable improvement of the microcirculation, with a better blood supply, oxygenation and cell metabolism.

Thermal and mechanical stimulation with collagen and elastin production Removal of the ceratin layer dead cells, invoking the production, densing and submerging of young healthy cells.

Restoration of the tissue and cell structure disorders and their coherence Removal of the filth, opening of the pores and enhancement of the interskin permeation.

The above give a softer, younger, fresher and brighter skin with great elasticity, smooth texture, in adjunction with make up.

Immediate & permanent results
You can see even from the first session the improvement on your skin. According to your skin condition, the full results will be visible after 6-18 revisions, every 4 to 15 days.

Advantages of the Microdermabrasion - Ecopeel method
Painless, bloodless, secure and non operative method.
Completely natural method, without chemical use.
The regulated tension gives a controlable result.
Simple application method.
It allows the progressive, controlled, quick and accurate application, without traumas and rashes.
The method does not affect the person's daily activities.