The eyes play an essential role in the facial expression. It's the natural process of aging that contributes to the sagging of the upper and lower eyelid. This leads to a tired periorbital area look which blemishes our whole facial image.

Plastic surgery nowadays has the means to completely restore the periorbital and eyelid area.

Blepharoplasty as an operation removes all laxity from the upper and lower eyelid and through fat sparing techniques mainly returns the fat to its deep periorbital position where it was prior its forward migration. The incision lines are placed as far as the upper eyelid is concerned on the superior palpebral sulcus which is not visible when the upper eyelid is retracted (when we are awake) and as for the lower eyelid half amillimeter below the eyelashes.
The operation takes place under mild sedation and local anaesthesia and is considered to be relatively painless. According to the wishes of the patients and the individual needs the operation can be modified to treat only the lower or upper eyelids but mainly it is applied to both upper and lower. The incisions fade away progressively and by the 8th day ( when the stiches are removed) the healing process has already rectified most of the swelling and visible marks. Younger patients with very little or no skin laxity may benefit by the transconjuctival approach in which all the operation in the lower eyelid is carried out through an incision in the conjuctiva.

The most modern approaches to the eyelid surgery incorporate techniques that spare the prolapsing periorbital fat which was up to now easily removed. The excessive removal of fat gave the hollow eye result which was both unappealing as well as quite difficult to correct. The new techniques that are based on the correction of the prolapse and the return of the fat to its original deep periorbital position gie very natural and pleasing results.

The patients may return to their work as soon as a week after the operation , the incision lines fade away quite soon and the eye and periorbital area look relaxed and youthfull.

Further more detailed information will be available to you during and after your physical examination by the plastic surgeon.