Protruding ears is a fairly common phenomenon in both men and women and often cause psychological trauma in young children.
The correction through plastic surgery is a very delicate operation with excellent results, especially with the particular surgical technique Dr. Boukouvalas is using. Otoplasty can be performed in children 4 years and older.
The otoplasty improves the shape and position of the ears. It can also correct oversized ears when they are in great imbalance with the rest of the facial characteristics.

The operation
Is performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation. In children aged 6 to 12 years general anesthesia is recommended.
Depending on degree the problem the procedure takes 1-2 hours. The patient is hospitalized for 3 to 4 hours postoperatively and exits the hospital on the same day with a packing of the head. The gauges need to be checked by the doctors after 24 hours and all the packing is removed 10 days later.