There are two types of adipose tissue or fat distribution: The male type where fat is mainly gathered in the torso and belly and the female type where fat is mainly gathered in the buttocks, thighs and hips.
There are two types of adipose tissue (fat tissue) in the human body: white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. Most of the adipose tissue is white (WAT). Adipose tissue protects and cushions our body organs, prevents temperature loss and stores energy.

Frequently, however, fat tissue accumulates forming pouches under the skin. This non-homogenous distribution of adipose tissue is known as lipodystrophy. Despite the fact that the causes of lipodystrophy are not well known, both genetic and hormonal factors have been blamed for it. The mass of these pouches increase with age. It is not affected by dieting or exercise.
When lipodystrophic abnormalities become a cosmetic problem, liposuction can resolve it. At Re-genesis, Dr. Zissis Boukouvalas uses the most state of the art technique, vibro lipo, to remove local fat pouches from various parts of the body, such as the trochanter, the internal thigh area, the internal knee area and the belly.
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It is performed under local anaesthesia and slight narcosis. The targeted areas are marked and then accessed using a modern system that is part of the equipment. A continuous flow pump makes the infiltration faster and more accurate. Local anaesthesia covering all local fat tissue areas as well as the use of frozen solution facilitate tissue penetration, prevent tissue damage, thus significantly reducing edemas and bruises. Tissue tumefaction facilitates fat cell suction.

Fat is aspirated from the targeted area via a small cutaneous incision (6-8 mm) using a thin, metal catheter and a special pump. The cannulae are very thin. The pulsed device used (vibro-lipo) collects deep fat. Pulsed vibrations enable the selective removal of fat cells from the tissues, thus causing no damage to vessels, nerves and skin elastic elements. This prevents post-liposuction skin relaxation.

As fat is aspirated and gathered in a bottle, the dystrophic pouch disappears and the body takes on its normal shape. The small incision is closed using 1-2 sutures to be removed on the eighth day post-op. After the operation, the patient has to wear special compression garments. The skin due to its elastic properties contracts.

Results are not directly visible due to swelling and bruising affecting the targeted area one day post-op. The edema and bruises disappear within 20 days. The final result will be evident within 3 to 6 weeks.
The skin will look smooth and healthy without dimples, relaxation or ruffles.
The fat removed may be used, if necessary, to shape other parts of the body such as the calves, buttocks, nasomalar folds, lips, cheekbones, etc. This is called lipo sculpture or lipo-modelling. Prior to using the fat, it is prepared in the op theatre. All tissue remains are removed, so that only pure fat cells are placed back in the patient's body.