Mastopexy and Reduction | Breast augmentation
| Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
It is widely undisputable that even as the female breast is of an important role in breastfeeding it also constitutes a body feature that attracts attention from the opposite sex something that enhances each womans self esteem and self confidence.

Plastic Surgery nowadays can correct a ptotic breast using minimal incisions and therefore leaving only obscure scars that will ideally become barely noticeable in the postoperative period. The operation takes place under general sedation and lasts about 2 hours. During the operation the breast is lifted and in case its volume is not enough, augmentation might be applied according to the consultation and the wishes of the patient. It should be noted that advancements in our techniques over the last years allow for significantly smaller incisions something that compared to older techniques where the scars were impressive in length and could not be easily hidden is very welcomed by all of our patients. The patient is hospitalized for one night and returns home on the next morning . Afterwards she is required to wear a sports bra for a period of 20 to 30 days. The stitches are removed routinely two weeks postoperatively.
αυξητική μαστών,ανόρθωση,μείωση μαστών,μαστεκτομή,σιλικόνη,μαστοπλαστική
The voluptuous breast might be envied by many but an oversized breast poses many problems for the woman. Mainly the posture of the body and the spinal cord is affected leading to various aches in the back. These women have a tendency to avoid social events, don't exercise much and very often are found to gain in weight easily. Plastic surgery can really help in this case because the whole breast can be altered to become both elevated and smaller in size resembling what it used to be at the end of puberty. Dr Zisis Boukouvalas always incorporates minimal incision and scarring techniques resulting in aesthetically beautiful and harmonic results.

This operation is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts about 2 to 3 hours in the hospital. Postoperatively the patient stays in the hospital only for one night and wears a sports brassiere for one month.

Usually the patients that undergo this type of operation notice that it wasn't even close to how difficult they expected it to be and having known that beforehand, they would have chosen to having done it much earlier.