A surgical operation that is all the more selected by our patients is the abdominoplasty. This should be attributed to the excellent results it delivers to the patient being able to remove effectively the excess of skin in the abdominal area along with any stretch marks or scars. During the operation the muscles in the abdomen can be corrected as well , any weak spots strengthened so as not to become eventually hernias and liposuction can be combined so as to completely flatten the belly and rejuvenate the whole area.

Which people are suitable candidates for the operation:

    Those with excessive skin without so much fat deposits
    Those that have an apron like belly that really hangs downwards
    Those that have a very loose muscular abdominal wall
    Those that have stretch marks below and around the navel
    Those that have scars in the belly due to various previous operations
    κοιλιοπλαστική,χαλάρωση δέρματος της κοιλίας,πλαστική κοιλιάς,ραγάδες του δέρματος,επίπεδη νεανική κοιλιά

    The operation
    The incision is drawn horizontally resembling a caesarian just above the pubic area and is thus hidden ideally by any underwear or bikini. After that the dissection continues upwards until the xyphoid process and all the skin is lifted and transposed (or pulled) downwards with the excess undergoing complete removal .  With it skin marks stretch marks and scars are getting ridden of.

    We should distinguish between two different types of abdominoplasty, regular and mini.
    Their main difference is that in the mini abdominoplasty the navel is not touched whereas in the regular abdominoplasty its dissected all around and repositioned on the skin flap. The operation takes place under general anesthesia and requires one night in the hospital.