Thigh lift

Many people after having gained and then lost weight develop an excess of skin and laxity in the inner thigh area. Even through meticulous dieting and exercise the problem sometimes refuses to go away.

The solution to this is the thigh lift operation , an operation that through two relatively small incisions in the inner thigh area removes the surplus skin and cures the problem.

The operation
The operation lasts about 2 hours and is performed under mild sedation and local anesthesia. The patient is able to return home on the same night wearing a pressure garment which she will continue to wear for the next 30 days. Initially it is recommended to avoid exercise but it is safe to say that the patient can return to his/her everyday activities as long as the pressure garment is worn.

Many patients notice that such an operation can go unnoticed by their friends and relatives because all post surgical incision scars are fully covered by the underwear or the bikini and with time they eventually fade out. We in Anagennisi have developed a technique, called "The grail technique" which has also been presented in the European Plastic Surgery Congress in Rhodes 2009, through which the scars are well inside the pubic area thus eliminating all possibility of them showing even through the tiniest of undergarment or swimwear.

The thigh lift operation is the only solution to the laxity and excess of skin in the inner thigh area and allows for unencumbered continuing of all everyday activities and sports without the discomforting thoughts that arise from not being happy with our body. The correction is indeed impressive and the change on the total body image is to say the least stunning.