Arm lift
Quite often the absence of exercise, the large fluctuations of body weight or simply age lead to laxity in the arm area. When the laxity is small and the existence of fat is predominant then a liposuction is advisable. But when the excess of skin and laxity are the causes of the problem then the arm lift is the solution.
The operation
This operation offers a permanent solution against the laxity in the arm area. This is all done through a small semicircular incision that transcends the armpit from its frontal to its backward border. Through this incision all the inner arm skin can be pulled upwards, its excess removed and the incision stitched. Liposuction can be also utilized when there is an indication.
ανόρθωση βραχιόνων,χαλαρά μπράτσα,συσφίξη βραχιόνων
The operation lasts about 2 hours.
Afterwards the patient needs to wear a pressure garment that ensures that the proper pressure is applied to the operated body areas. Three hours after the operation the patient can go home and the return to everyday activities is only a matter of days.
Arm lift is an operation that rejuvenates the arms takes away the laxity and fat and through very minimal incisions achieve in bringing harmony and beauty to this so significant body area.