Buttock lift
In modern Plastic Surgery there is a continuous struggle to produce better results with less scarring. In the past the buttock lift operation was possible only through big incisions and it was painful even though it achieved its goal. Of course equally unpleasant were the post surgical scars as well.

The operation
The newest methods of buttock lifting involve the use of a silicon device that elegantly solves the problem of laxity in the area. During the procedure through a very tiny incision just at the end of the spinal cord the silicon device is inserted, a silicon device that resembles a net of tentacles that spread underneath the skin to cover all the aforementioned area. The anchoring of this device to the gluteal fascia in a way that applies upward pull to the buttock area, and the subsequent final result, that comes with the healing process in the months to follow, ensure that the patient will enjoy an immediate and long lasting improvement. The operation lasts about an hour and general anesthesia is needed, that's why the patient has to stay in the hospital on the first post surgical night. The buttock lift achived through this new technique is very much differentiated from the older methods because in comparison is less painful, produces less visible scarring that soon dissipates and rewards the patient with a remarkable buttock lift result.