Mastopexy and Reduction | Breast augmentation
| Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
Breast augmentation
Modern society's raw models, the continuously growing need to impove oneself and social image and moreover the fact that the female breast is a focal point in attractiveness of a woman are the main reasons why she would seek the help of a Plastic surgeon.

Small or uneven breasts are because of:
Growth problems or cognitive reasons
Surgical intervention
Loss of volume after giving birth Ways to augment the breast
Silicone injections ( was used in the past, unacceptable today)
Pedicled or free flaps
Silicone implants
Silicone is a gel like substance that is very well tolerated and accepted within the human body in the form of the modern silicone implants. The body isolates the implant through forming a thin membrane around it made out of connective tissue. All allegations that silicone implants are responsible for cancer have been proven completely wrong.

What are silicone implants  like?
A silicone implant resembles a small bag with a thick outer layer which has a content of:
Liquid silicone
Cohesive silicone which is more gelly like and even if the implant is punctured it doesn't spill out
Silicone implants come in different shapes, they can be round  tear drop shaped, etc  and of course they come in many different volume sizes to accommodate every need. They are sterilized under gamma radiation and they are opened only inside the operation room.

Before the operation each patient has to:

Undergo a routine blood exam check
Decide in a consultation about the size of  the breast
Fully inform the doctor about any and all medication she might be taking
Preferably avoid the operation close to her period
Get all the information during the consultation about the choice of the implant
The incision through which the implant wil be inserted
The position of the implant

The incision is 3 cm in length and can be situated:

In the inframammary fold
Border between the areola and the skin of the breast (periareolar incision)
Axillary fold

The positioning of the implant is decided by the doctor and the patient during the consultation and can be:

Behind the breast.
Behind the pectoralis major muscle.
Behind the fascia of the pectoralis major fascia ( subfascial placement).

The correct surgical placement of the implant ensures no problems with gestation, breast feeding , sensation and breast monitoring through mastography.

The operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts about 2 hours. There are intradermal stitches that need be removed not earlier than 2 weeks postoperatively. A tight sports brassiere is to be worn by the patient for 20 to 30 days. The patient needs to refrain from exercise, heavy work or swimming for 7 to 10 days postoperatively.